Paving Block Machine

Descriptions of Paving Block Machine
1. This kind of multifunctional block machine is a specialized one who uses modes of vibrating compaction, hydraulic driven and double controls.
2. It embodies such advantages as the function of double material distributing, an simple mold structure for fast installation, powerful vibration molding effect, precise finished products.
3. Paving blocks mainly include: surface-tinted block, fully-tinted block, and original color block.
1) Surface-tinted block: a set of color distribution system can be added on the basis of existing equipment, if needed, to manufacture diverse customer-made colored blocks. For example: colored or tinted pavement floor tiles, colored Dutch brick or block, colored grass turf paver, etc.
2) Fully-tinted block: it can be produced by adding a certain amount of color dyes into the aggregates and mixing them together, without using extra secondary material distributing machine.
3) Original color block: manufacture without adding any color dyes.

Applications of Paving Block Machine
A block machine is widely used for manufacturing all kinds of concrete paving blocks or concrete paver, including: floor tiles or brick, square block, sidewalk block or pavers, kerbstones, non-obstacle pavers, and grass turf pavers, and so on. They are generally used in exterior hardscaping applications, such as walkways or driveways, airport, dock, garden, pool decks, river embankment, etc.

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