Hollow Block Machine

Descriptions of Hollow Block / Solid Brick Machine
1. Hollow block, hollow brick and multi-hole brick made by this machine are used as fillings to finish construction work, and as a kind of concrete masonry units ideal for building walls of work sites, or other large closed areas like factory, architectural complex, etc.
2. The hollow block is widely promoted by the government because of its advantages of lightweight and energy saving.
3. Hollow blocks and bricks of different specifications can be manufactured to the customer's needs.
4. Hongyi is a professional China manufacturer of this thin-walled hollow machine with over 20 years of experience, it is also the first one who is able to produce machines with a G-grade vibration acceleration, these advantages do make it possible for us to produce quality product
5. Such ceramsite heat preservation blocks as ceramsite hollow blocks and solid ones are also our range of products.
6. Ceramsite heat preservation blocks feature lightweight, high temperature resistance and energy-saving.
7. Such kind of multifunctional block machine uses the latest technology that enables it to produce diverse new materials with superior energy saving and heat preservation:
1) Ceramsite heat preservation blocks, bricks;
2) Heat preservation concrete block with altered performance
3) Compound heat preservation concrete blocks