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Block Making Machine
    1. QT8-15 Block Making Machine Equipped with an international standard mode, this kind of concrete products machine has a long service time, superior weather resistance and low consumption. In addition, a great number of components were imported to guarantee the quality.
    1. QT8-15 Block Making MachineMaterial storage and distribution system is uniquely designed to guarantee the accuracy of supply, reduce the uneven density caused by self pressure and external factor, and ensure a speedy delivery and precise charging.
    1. QT10-15 Block Making MachineDesign idea: the top priority is to improve quality and increase throughput, so products quality can be substantially boosted as the quantity soars.
    1. QTF10-15 Block Making Machine The brick machine, or called concrete products machine, is different form the other ones in that it has layered material distributing structure. Since this kind of brick machine is able to automatically produce pavement-related double colored floor bricks, it is widely used for paving city roads of various kinds.
    1. QT12-15 Block Making MachineMaterial distributing device: proportional sensor and hydraulic-driven technology; materials are discharged by centrifugation under the influence of oscillating distributing car and arch-breaking mechanism, the distributing is both fast and even, very beneficial to thin-walled and multi-hole products.

Descriptions of Concrete Block Making Machine
1. This kind of concrete products making machine are made by Hongyi, a professional manufacturer and supplier in China
2. It mainly comprises vibration system, control system, PLC control system, stacking, delievry system, and so on.
3. It serves to produce concrete masonry units of diverse specifications, which are commonly utilized in building constructing, road paving, and soil controlling applications.