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QTF10-15 Concrete Block Making Machine

Technical Data of QTF10-15 Concrete Block Making Machine
Overall dimension(mm): 7200×2350×2850mm
Pallet size(mm): 1120×880×25mm(bamboo pallet)
Total weight(kg): 16800kg
Way of vibration: Table and mould resonance
The frequency of vibration(Hz): 50-70hz
Cycle time(s): 15-25s
Installed capacity (KW): 34.5kw

Throughput of QT10-15 Concrete Block and Brick Making Machine

Product Specification pcs/pallet pcs/hr. pcs/8hrs pcs/300days
Hollow block 390×190×190 10 2,400 19,200 11,520,000
Multi-hole block 240×115×90 24 5,760 46,080 27,648,000
Floor brick 225×112.5×60 24 5,760 46,080 27,648,000
Standard Brick 240×115×53 48 11,520 92,160 55,296,000

Descriptions of QTF10-15 Concrete Block Making Machine
1. The brick machine, or called concrete products machine, is different form the other ones in that it has layered material distributing structure. Since this kind of brick machine is able to automatically produce pavement-related double colored floor bricks, it is widely used for paving city roads of various kinds.
2. Based on the original functions and qualities of QT10-15 block machine, extra mechanisms are added: layered automatic distributing mechanism (can be designed in a movable style), used for producing layered colorful products by connecting it with the machine (only several minutes required). Upgraded software control system features secondary distribution, high automatization and lever of intelligence, which make it possible for users randomly to decide the amount of auxiliary materials needed for a layer, also possible to distribute the materials evenly and delicately, and whose high degree of accuracy control technique can save materials and enables the profile of finished products standard and exquisite.
3. Such layered colored products as bricks, floor filler products for city pavement, can be instantly put into production after replacing moulds.