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Horizontal EPS Concrete Sandwich Panel Production Line

The wall panel made by our horizontal EPS concrete sandwich panel production line owns a variety of strong points, such as light weight, energy conservation, environmental protection, thin but solid structure, sound and heat insulation, fire prevention, freeze resistance, waterproof property, seismic resistance, etc. Moreover, the panel can be mounted simply without plastering, generating zero waste materials.

The sandwich panel supports nailing, sawing and slotting easily for facilitating the cable wiring and pipeline arrangement. Improving the working efficiency, it shortens the engineering time, increases the valid space for use and decreases the load and the total cost of the buildings. This panel is commonly used as the external and interior partitions of the multilayer buildings and villa.

As a professional manufacturer of horizontal EPS sandwich panel production line in China, we can supply satisfactory solutions of construction for our clients. With easy and convenient operation and maintenance, our machine is adaptable for the production in large scale. More detailed information will be informed in the communication with us.

Horizontal EPS light weight wall panel production line
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