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Vertical EPS Concrete Sandwich Panel Production Line

This vertical EPS concrete sandwich panel production line is specialized in making the compound wall panel that is lightweight and energy saving. This panel is compounded by the fiber reinforced calcium silicate surface panel with cement, EPS, fly ash and other fillers in an integral process. It is optimal replacement product of some building materials, such as the clay brick, clay hollow block, color coated steel sandwich panel, gypsum block, wire spatial grid structure perlite panel, perlile porous panel, etc.

This sandwich panel is extensively used for the high and low buildings like the bank, office building, hospital, school, hotel, shopping mall, entertainment place, portable dwellings, reconstructed house, residential building, workshop, etc.

Vertical EPS light weight wall panel production line
1. Cement silo
2. Screw conveyor
3. Scale
4. Batching plant
5. Mixings system
6. Material discharging hopper
7. EPS Pre-expander
8. EPS silo
9. Aggregate measuring bunker
10. Controlling room
11. Ferry trolley
12. Mould car
13. Calcium silicate panel inserting platform
14. Demoulding travelling crane
15. Top mould trimming platform