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Heat Preservation Block

Descriptions of Heat Preservation Block
This type of concrete product has two subtypes, namely, ceramsite heat preservation block and compound heat preservation block. They are construction materials that commonly feature superior heat preservation and durability.

1. Features of ceramsite heat preservation block
1) Lightweight block body can reduce the total building weight and thus save amount of steel
2) Low heat conducting ratio results in excellent heat preservation
3) Good shock resistance, a present ideal solution for wall building materials
4) Micro-porous block interior structure gives an extra excellent acoustic insulation
5) Made from natural materials, allows superior performances of fire resistance, humidity resistance and durability
6) Rough block surface provides a high binding strength
7) Well-designed blocks do facilitate the construction work and thus shorten the operation term

2. Features of compound heat preservation block
Compound heat preservation block is formed by combining hollow or solid concrete blocks with EPS heat preservation materials. This type of concrete product is commonly utilized as filling materials in frame-shear wall structure, can also serve to load bearing function
1) Mechanized production does guarantee a stable and excellent quality
2) Superior heat preservation
3) Good tensile property and shearing resistance
4) Interior-fitted lashing wire helps secure the whole wall
5) Such type of hollow block is well designed that do facilitate the construction work

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