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QT12-15 Concrete Block Making Machine

Technical data of QT12-15 Concrete Block Making Machine
Overall dimension(mm): 5300×2450×2850mm
Pallet size(mm): 1350×980×28mm(bamboo pallet)
Total weight(kg): 15500kg
Way of vibration: Table and mould resonance
Frequency of vibration(Hz): 50-70hz
Cycle time(s): 15s
Installed power (KW): 34.5kw

Throughput of QT12-15 Concrete Block and Brick Machine

Product Specification pcs/pallet pcs/hr pcs/81hrs pcs/300days
Hollow Block 390×190×190 12 2,880 23,040 13,824,000
Multi-hole brick 240×115×90 30 7,200 57,600 34,560,000
Floor brick 225×112.5×60 30 7,200 57,600 34,560,000
Standard Brick 240×115×53 60 14,400 115,200 69,120,000

Descriptions of QT12-15 Concrete Block Making Machine
1.Machine frame: made of high strength steel by means of special welding technique, extremely solid and durable
2. Guide beam: made of extraordinarily rigid special steel; the chromium-coated surface makes it resistant to torsion and hard wear.
3. Mould die head: electromechanically and hydraulically driven, a slight height error exists among units in a pallet, good consistency in products.
4. Material distributing device: proportional sensor and hydraulic-driven technology; materials are discharged by centrifugation under the influence of oscillating distributing car and arch-breaking mechanism, the distributing is both fast and even, very beneficial to thin-walled and multi-hole products.
5. Vibrator: unique vibrating system, initiation in China with patented technology, capable of a vibrating acceleration level up to 20 grades.
6. Control system: controlled by computer, man-machine interface; electrical control devices are all from such global famous brands as Fuji, Omron, etc; based upon 15 practical experience and trend of global development and a purpose to meet the domestic needs, a latest control program has been developed and put into use, thereby, it is completely possible for a person to operate it after a simple training, rather than a professional one; the powerful memory is prepared for upgrading, if necessary.
7. Storage and distributing device: materials supply is controlled by computer to prevent them from being affected by external factors and producing inner pressure, and ensure the materials are kept even and uniform, substantially reduce the strength error of finished products.