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Automatic Concrete Block Production Line

Descriptions of Automatic Concrete Block Production Line
1. It mainly comprises 6 systems
batching, mixing, molding, transporting, stacking and packaging

2. Batching system
controlled by computer; first input the components data into a computer according to the selected raw materials, then the computer will automatically measure them, after which the batched materials will be delivered to the mixing bin.

3. Mixing system
1) suitable for materials mixing of diverse concrete products
2) the mixing time, amount of water and discharge time are all controlled by computer; mixed products will be transported to the molding machine by conveyer.

4. Molding system
1) controlled by PLC, hydraulically driven and vibrated
2) computer-controlled replaceable mold to meet needs of various products and materials; capable of charging at low frequency, molding at high frequency.
3) real-time display of associated movements; machine-mounted failure monitoring and auto prompting system, man-machine interaction, remote control.
4) molds of different specifications and types can be optional to meet the users' specific needs, such as concrete wall blocks, multi-hole brick, grass block, floor tiles and water conservancy- related products

5. Finger car system
1) controlled by PLC; the same frequency converter used to control all finger cars, capable of starting at low speed, running at high speed, and automatically slowing down, braking, stopping.
2) responsible for transporting the finished products to the curing chamber for initial curing and removing the cured ones to the lowerator from other chambers.

6. Lowerator and Stacking system
1) the lowerator is responsible for lowering the cured products to the pallet conveyor, who performs the work of transporting them to the stacking yard for stacking.
2) finished products are moved to the yard by forklift, where units are palletized and removed to pallet warehouse after a clean and stumble work performed by the cleaner and pallet turnover unit respectively.
3) the whole line can be manually, semi and full-automatically controlled, capable of a full-automatic production line combining mechanics, electricity, hydraulic as a whole.

1 cement silo 15 elevator
2 batching plant 16 lowerator
3 screw conveyor 17 distance-saving deliver system
4 cement scale 18 pallet elevator&lowerator
5 mixer 19 pallet bin
6 belt conveyor 20 pallet turnover unit
7 block molding machine 21 pallet bin
8 storage and distributing bin with closed conveyer 22 stacker
9 pallet conveyor 23 finger car
10 block conveyor system 24 hydraulic system
11 cleaner 25 control system
12 pallet supply unit 26 forklift
13 pallet oil immersed device 27 curing yard
14 products conveyor 28 pusher