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    1. Color Road Paving Brick Flexibility in design, convenient and fast to pave: adaptable to varied bases
      It facilitates the maintenance work of underway pipelines
      By combination of different parts, this kind of concrete masonry products can be made into various shapes with colorful patterns, which can beautify the environment
    1. Concrete Grass PaversKnown as concrete turf block, when paved, it can beautify environment and control soil erosion
      Such kind of concrete masonry units can efficiently supply the underground earth with more water
      Able to harden the ground surface
    1. Concrete Hollow Block Such concrete masonry unit is made of cements and other materials with good plasticity
      Blocks of various specifications and profiles can be available
      The main components are sand, crushed stones, and cement, sometimes other materials can be added. The finished products are formed by vibration, molding, and curing.
    1. Interlocking Concrete Block As a type of concrete products, it is mainly used for securing embankments
      It features anti-erosion, impact resistance, frost resistance and superior durability
      Suitable for various terrains, when used to conserve soil
    1. Heat Preservation Concrete Building Block This type of concrete product has two subtypes, namely, ceramsite heat preservation block and compound heat preservation block. They are construction materials that commonly feature superior heat preservation and durability.