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Cement Brick Machine
    1. Cement Brick Making MachineThe concrete brick is mainly made from stone powder, gravel, sand, industrial wastes, and proper ratio of cement, etc. Combined with a proper amount of water, these materials are mixed together to form dry and rigid concrete, then shaped into bricks of various specifications by concrete brick machine.
    1. Cinder Brick Machine1. A brick machine specialized in producing cinder blocks, or breeze blocks, both of which belong to concrete masonry units.
      2. Cinder blocks are mainly made from cinder, or breeze, or ash, sand, and cement.

Descriptions of Cement Brick Machine
1. This type of concrete products making machine comprises concrete brick machine and cinder block machine
2. They are able to prodcue unfired concrete masonry units such as concrete bricks, cinder standard brick or block, cinder multi-hole brick, cinder hollow block, and cinder ceramsite hollow block, etc.