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Multifunctional Block Machine
    1. Concrete Hollow Block MachineHollow block, hollow brick and multi-hole brick made by this machine are used as fillings to finish construction work, and as a kind of concrete masonry units ideal for building walls of work sites, or other large closed areas like factory, architectural complex, etc.
    1. Paver Brick Making MachineThis kind of multifunctional brick machine is a specialized one who uses modes of vibrating compaction, hydraulic driven and double controls.
    1. Interlock Block Making Machine1. A kind of block machine specializing in producing a wide selection of interlocking water conservancy blocks, revetment blocks or bricks, water conservancy turf blocks, etc.
      2. A combination of interlocking water conservancy block, revetment blocks production and greening, soil conservation.

Descriptions of Multifunctional Block Machine
1. This kind of concrete products making machine includes: hollow block machine, paving block machine, and interlocking machine
2. These machines are capable for producing pavers (blocks and bricks) with diverse profiles and functions, which are widely utilized for building houses, paving roads, and conserving water and soil, and more.